Introduction to Viral-circRNA Database

Viral infection causes the development of a variety of human malignancies, including hepatocellular carcinoma, cervical cancer, gastric cancer and so on. Integration of virus genome into host genome can alter the expression of oncogenes and tumor suppressors to induce and promote the process of oncogenesis. The latest research reported that viral integration also expresses a class of special noncoding RNA, circRNA (circular RNA), which play critical regulatory functions in virus biology and associated malignancies. Therefore, this study uses bioinformatics methods to systematically identify the viral circRNAs from virus-infected RNA-Seq samples (mainly from cancer samples), and built a database of viral circRNAs to collect these circRNAs and annotate their biological characteristics. This database aims to provide data resources for promoting the research in virus biology and new biomarkers as well as precision medicine in cancers.

Main function:

  • Search the database by virus.
  • Search the database by various conditions.
  • Browse the database.
  • Download search results or all items of the database.
  • View the characteristics of viral circRNAs.

Recent updates:

  • Mar 2020. Finished the simple genome browser of viral circRNAs.
  • Jan 2020. Finished the platform.